$89.99 Two Tuner Simple TV DVR

$89.99 Two Tuner Simple TV DVR after Visa Checkout (use promo code: VISACHECKOUT).  I love this DVR.  See my review below.

Yes I did get one.  For my stalkers, that’s five STVs and two STV2s.

2 thoughts on “$89.99 Two Tuner Simple TV DVR

  1. I wasn’t. I strongly prefer devices without fans. I am also a bit skeptical about two devices writing to a disk at the same time. My first STV2 was a gift from Patrick Nugent and the fact is that it’s a much better device than the STV1. There are no problems recognizing and preparing disks, setup picks up all the channels on the first try (vs typical four to five scans for my STV1s), and it has been rock solid for three months. I find the tuners noticeably quicker for live TV too. At $90 for two tuners, today’s Newegg deal was a no-brainer for me.

    I posted this to their forums…



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