cnet’s Preview of Google’s Streamer

Roku is our favorite due to its range of hardware choices, massive app selection and great search. Apple TV, while sorely in need of new hardware, delivers nearly as many worthwhile apps and the best screen mirroring functionality anywhere: AirPlay. Even Fire TV seems better than the Nexus Player at first blush, if only because of its mastery of perhaps the most versatile of apps, Amazon.

As it stands, the Nexus Player seems to offer plenty of potential, but the Android TV platform will have to grow more refined, and support many more apps natively, before it can really compete.

2 thoughts on “cnet’s Preview of Google’s Streamer

  1. Just waiting for Fire TV to be able to run Simple tv, I guess you can sideload it. But there is also some other apps that run on Roku, so am kinda stuck there.

    What I found just as interesting was the comments on the cnet review.


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