HBO, Showtime Going Solo!

This week, two ‘cable’ channels announced plans to go a la carte.  HBO and Showtime will soon be available to cable cutters as streamed channels.  HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler told investors, “It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO.”

One day later, CBS announced that they have similar plans for Showtime, “We are always looking at ways of expanding our audience and it is certainly something that we have been examining for some time.  The subscription model is ideally positioned to take advantage of developing technologies in the consumer marketplace.”

CBS has also announced CBS All Access.  For $6 a month, subscribers will be able to stream new episodes of CBS’s prime-time shows the day after broadcast as well as 6,500 episodes of classic TV

2 thoughts on “HBO, Showtime Going Solo!

  1. This is really cool, now if some of the other cable channels would do the same thing like A&E, TNT, FX I would be able to cut the cord right now. I think I prefer the programming on Showtime a little bit better, have not been able to get into Game Of Thrones on HBO so I am sure its a great show. I do like the Showtime Anywhere app so…

    What I hope is that this starts making the cable companies think a tad, unfortunately the FCC is letting them run full reign on squashing any competition.


  2. I think this is the beginning of the end for the almighty cable companies. Going forward, I expect OTA, OTT, and premier providers to serve primarily as carriers for others’ content.


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