Black Friday: CM DVR+ $175!

Channel Master is offering their DVR+ for $175 Black Friday from 6 AM to 11 AM Pacific Time and again on Cyber Monday from 6 AM to 11 AM Pacific Time.  Limit of three DVRs per person.

  1. Here’s the ad
  2. Here’s my review from last Christmas
  3. Here’s a nice video
  4. Here’s the manual

This DVR requires no internet or phone connection.  There are no subscription fees!  Besides providing an excellent EPG, and all common DVR features, the dual tuner DVR+ streams Vudu (movies), Pandora (music), and YouTube.  It’s backed by a one year warranty (TiVo is warranted for 90 days).

4 thoughts on “Black Friday: CM DVR+ $175!

  1. Is there a list of 3rd party external hard drives that can be purchased (besides the Seagate model Channel Master offers) that are known to be compatible with the DVR+?



    • Not that I know of, but I tried every disk I had with the DVR+ last December and every single disk worked. I tested a variety of Iomega, Western Digital, and Seagate disks. I would, however, recommend buying the disks they sell with the device…gotta believe they tested those a lot and their help desk probably has a lot of experience with them. I will be using Seagate 1t disks with mine as I have a box full. If you check back in a couple weeks, I will likely have a hands on review posted. I will include disk info with that.


      • Len – Thanks for your reply. I’m basically trying to take advantage of the upcoming sales and save a big chunk of change by purchasing another hard drive (also, you can get the Seagate model Channel Master sells for ~$30 less from Amazon and other vendors).

        If you have the info, I would also be curious if the drive’s size matters; i.e. Channel Master only advertises 3TB size drives, but can the drives be bigger?

        All of my apprehension is from researching this months ago and running across comments from folks who said their drive didn’t work with the DVR+.


      • Channel Master says, “We certified the Seagate drives listed on the DVR+ product page . But any USB 2.0 hard drive should work.” I have heard of people using a 4t disk with one. I believe it was also a Seagate. There are a lot of reasons why disks won’t work, stop working, or work with issues. I would stay away from disks that get their power from USB. Bigger is not always better. If you want to be safe, use the Seagate disks CM has certified.

        I don’t recommend using the biggest disk you can. The DVR+’s file management system is kind of primitive and you will spend more time organizing and renaming programs than watching them. 1t is plenty and 3t might be overkill.


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