Buh Bye Verizon

Just switched from Verizon Wireless to AT&T for our cell phones.  After listening to Verizon tell me how much they have my balls in a vice, I took my business elsewhere.  They should have called Comcast before deciding to play hardball.  It will be very tough to win my business back now that I have three expensive phones that won’t work on their network.  Lost business for Verizon totaled $1950 worth of phones plus three lines and 15g of data.

Initially, we approached Verizon about switching from our contract plan (one data phone plus two voice and text phones) to a plan that allowed us to share 10g of data among three new smart phones with no contract.  I offered to buy out the remaining three months of my contract.  “Can’t do that.  That’s churning.”  So I walked across the street to the AT&T store where they offered me 15g of data for the same price as Verizon’s 10g plan.  Their  phones were $50 less expensive (each).  AT&T paid us $150 per line to switch.  And they were nice.

But there’s more.  With Verizon, my out of network texts were limited.  With AT&T they are not.  With Verizon, the $25/line credit for each line was only good until you replaced the phone.  With AT&T, the per line cost is $15 — even if you buy your phone on ebay!

There are other, less expensive plans out there, but only AT&T can compete with Verizon on network quality.  (AT&T actually topped Verizon in New Hampshire — where I live — and Massachusetts — where I work.

Buh bye Verizon.

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