CES 2015 for Cord Cutters

Hard to get excited about more low end televisions getting the Roku Inside treatment or the announcement of TiVo’s OnePass search, but here are some developments that may raise an eyebrow or two…

As the owner of three DVR+ DVRs, I am particularly excited about the LinearTV announcement.  The idea of a single box bringing all entertainment into my home and navigating that entertainment in their channel guide is very appealing.  I won’t pay $20 a month for Sling, but I am sure it will make it easier for some sports junkies to consider alternatives to their premier provider.  Sling is not family friendly with only one concurrent connection, so you better get an antenna.  I don’t own a Tablo DVR, but that Roku channel is gorgeous!  I don’t get the idea of putting antennas on a circuit board.  Didn’t the router makers figure out that external antennas work better?

I’ll update the list if anything else excites me.

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