LinearTV Update

During CES we learned that Channel Master was going to update their DVR+ hardware to support something called LinearTV.  Launch is scheduled for Q1, but may slip to April.  If you do not know what a DVR+ is, read this.  If you do not know what LinearTV is, read this.  Here is an update from Channel Master’s Facebook page…

LinearTV Guide

Channel Master UPDATE: LinearTV
Hello All! There seems to be some speculation about the upcoming launch of our online channels for the DVR+. Here’s the inside skinny: We targeted launch for end of Q1, which is end of March. That is still the plan. If it slips a week or two, it would only be for a very good reason.

There are NO technical issues, the platform is amazing. This author is a current user of the Beta version and loving it! We want to get you as many channels as possible for launch and we’re working very hard to do that.

If, for example, there’s an opportunity to get a major channel or two but it delays launch for a week, we’re going to take that delay because it’s in your best interest.

You will have an exciting LinearTV service around the end of March or early April. We will keep you updated! It’ going to be SO worth the wait.

Lee Ward Looking to purchase a DVR+, will Linear TV be an update to existing units or will it be a different unit/different purchase???

Channel Master Hi Lee. It’s an update to all existing units, no new product needed!

Michael Linhardt Can you record online channels?

Channel Master We’re working on it! Hope to have it for launch.

Matthew Bringhurst Is linear TV like roku?

Channel Master Hi Matt. Yes, but without having to launch a separate app. It’s live, scheduled programming that, once you configure it the way you want and choose the channels you want, will sit right alongside your OTA channels in your DVR+ program guide. Examples include Bloomberg, NASA, Adult Swim, WGN, VevoTV, BBC… and that’s just a teaser. They are not On Demand services. We are continuing to add those, too, but we call those “apps”, not “channels” (VUDU, Pandora, YouTube, etc.).

Channel Master To address some questions: Yes, we would love to have SlingTV on the DVR+ at some point, we’re hopeful – fingers crossed! At launch, all LinearTV channels will be free, and any subscription-based channels would come in the next release. We wish we could give you a list of launch channels, but since negotiations are still happening, we just can’t yet – sorry! As for recommended connection speeds, we’re in the process of defining it, but this author is currently using the WiFi dongle with Comcast Performance Residential (25/5) and it’s working great.

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