$189 Open Box Special on CM DVR+

On their facebook page, via twitter, and in a targeted email, Channel Master has announced that it will sell off a limited stock of open box DVR+s at $189 beginning Monday March 30 at 8:00 am PST (11:00 am EST)…

 Folks, we never do this, but you’ve been asking for discounts and we’ve got a great one for you! Starting Monday morning, click the ad on our home page to get an Open Box DVR+ for just $189!
Some of these have been gently used for media reviews and demonstration events, some have never been used at all. Tested and certified, full warranty, free shipping. These won’t last!

I bought three of these on BF to replace (awesome) aging DTVPal DVRs. This is the best OTA DVR not named TiVo. I chose this over the TiVo because…

1) one year warranty vs 90 days for TiVo (can’t spend $500 on a device with 90 day warranty)
2) completely untethered (TiVo requires internet or phone connection)
3) price

This is a great set top box for cord cutters. First, it has a very nice channel guide. The thing most people miss when they lose their cable box is the guide. The DVR is very good. Two very good tuners capture shows by name and by time. (I like to record blocks of sitcoms that play when I am at work to watch when I get up in the morning.) Playback controls are excellent — you can rewind, pause, fast forward all with preview (i.e., you can see where you are in the show as you rewind and fast forward.) These last two features are not available on simple/tablo alternatives. External storage makes it easy to swap out disks. This is very important because there is a free DVR Lister program which will let you download files from the usb disk to a PC where they can be converted to mp4 and played back on a media server. While the DVR+ uses an enhanced guide while connected to the internet, it used OTA data to build a guide when not connected. This is huge because it means your DVR+ will continue to function if Rovi pulls the plug (as it did with the DTVPal OTA guide) or Channel Master stops supporting the DVR+ for any reason. OR is you have to be off the grid for any reason — you can use this DVR when dry camping or when your power and internet are lost.

The DVR+ has some streaming capability. It can stream Vudu (movies), Pandora (music), and YouTube. Beginning next month, Channel Master will be streaming other programming to the DVR+. This programming will be more like traditional television than ondemand alternatives. Still very little information available.

I highly recommend this DVR. This is the second best ever price for the DVR+ and, though these are open box, they carry a full warranty.

Happy streaming!


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