Not a Good Week for Channel Master

May 7th Channel Master posted this to their Facebook page…

Next week is going to be a good week.

As ‘next week’ winds down, I will opine that the week was, indeed, a good week, but not for Channel Master. The week was a good week for ME.  Me and OTA-first cord cutters who have been waiting for that single box which would do it all.  It was good for us because we learned that Plex is coming to TiVo June 8th.  The TiVo Roamio OTA is the first set top box to provide…

  1. A channel guide
  2. Program recording
  3. Trick play (rewind, pause, fast forward, etc.)
  4. Premium streaming media (Amazon Instant Video/Prime, Vudu, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus,
  5. Whole house support
  6. Plex

At $299.99 including Lifetime Product Service, the TiVo Roamio OTA is the best set top box for an OTA-first cord cutter. Unfortunately, TiVo has pulled their $299.99 promotion and the Roamio OTA now costs $49.99 plus $15 per month.  Let me do the math for you: Y1=$230, Y2=$410, Y3=$590, Y4=$670, and Y5=$850.  At $300 with a 1t disk, the Channel Master DVR+ is less expensive by the end of the second year. TiVo has nailed the technology, but needs to fix their pricing.  OTA’ers don’t like monthly payments.  At $299.99 or even $399.99, I think TiVo wins.  At $15/month, The DVR+ is good enough.

Also, TiVo needs to match Channel Master’s one year warranty.  Who pays $400 for something with a 90 day warranty?

2 thoughts on “Not a Good Week for Channel Master

    • I think it will be back. After using the DVR for a week, I would pay $399.99 for a third TiVo Romaio OTA with Lifetime.

      I should say that blog follower HTPC alerted me to the deal.


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