DVR+ Lister

DVR+ Lister is a Windows based utility, for owners of the Channel Master DVR+, who wish to move recordings from the DVR+ USB HDD to a Windows Computer.

DVR+ Lister is a freeware program, which runs in Windows XP through 8.1 (desktop). It aids owners of a Channel Master DVR+ (with a detachable USB HDD) in copying recordings from a DVR+ USB HDD to a Windows computer, because, sadly, the DVR+ does not provide a file copying mechanism. While the recordings can be copied from the USB HDD using normal Windows file copying techniques, the DVR+ filenames are quite cryptic (for example, Strm0001.ts, Strm00EA.ts, etc.), providing no hint of the Show Titles, and the Date Stamps of the recordings are not even close to the actual recorded dates, so they can’t be used to identify a Show. This program is useful because it extracts the actual Show Titles, Descriptions, Recorded Dates, and other data, hidden in one of the DVR+ binary data files, and displays that information. The desired recordings can be selected and copied to a Windows computer (from the USB HDD) with one button push, giving the copies useful Filenames and Date Stamps. In addition to copying recordings to a Windows computer, the data appearing in the List can be output to a Text File, or to MS Excel, for whatever usage you may envision.

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