Plex for TiVo Gets Apps!

I just noticed that the Plex app for TiVo has channels.  This is a welcome development.  Cord cutters can get their cable news and entertainment fix by streaming episodes and clips from web sites.  Simple TV and Tablo apps make those DVRs’ recordings available via the TiVo or Mini.  For me, though, Twit.TV is the main attraction.

7 thoughts on “Plex for TiVo Gets Apps!

  1. I just got the new TiVo roamio deal with refurbished roamio for $50 and lifetime for $249… Great deal… This is in addition to my tivohd which I upgraded to 500gig HD.

    But what’s this Plex for tivo app?


    • Tried the Plex earlier this year it wouldnt stream right…. then upgraded and installed latest release… no problems now and it works slick like butter!

      Got it installed on rokus and android devices throughout the house

      Will be interested to see how the tivo interface is with it… have not got the roamio yet…. shipped but probably receive it next week

      I saw the Simpletv in the channels was happy to see that

      Pretty cool…


  2. Len… tivo roamio open box for $30 on woofi (woot) … ordered one …aaaand just checked and sold out! Wow that was quick!

    Love the Roamios… so now got tivohd, tivo roamio ota/cable and new tivo roamio ota

    Plex is running great on my htpc and also run playon. When out and about playon streams better it seems (plex on occassion gets a hiccup when streaming when i am out of the house).

    I do like plex interface but playon says they are upgrading theirs…


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