Enhanced Remote for the DVR+

I have been using a DVR+ Enhanced Remote for a couple weeks and I like it a lot.  There’s not much wrong with the remote that comes with the DVR+ (I would not spend $30 to replace that remote with this one), but, if your remote fails or you want a second one, this is the remote to get.


DVR+ Enhanced Remote CM-7500XRC2-2

For starters, it’s inexpensive.  The Enhanced Remote is only $29.00.  For that price you get a remote that controls your DVR+ and television — no need for a universal remote or side click.  It’s pretty difficult to point this remote the wrong way. The standard remote is very symmetrical — right down to having red buttons in opposite corners. This one has a lot of visual and tactile cues to orientation.

I don’t have any way to measure the power of the IR emitter, but sometimes I forget this remote is line-of-site. This is a big improvement over the original remote and probably the most important enhancement.

I really like that the power buttons work both the television and the DVR with one press. I know this can cause problems under some circumstances (you want to watch something else on your television), but this works for me.

I’m quickly becoming accustomed to the layout. I usually home with the volume/channel rockers which makes the guide (up), DVR (down), and pause (further down) buttons easy to find in the dark. (If my eyes were better, I could read the buttons which are back-lit.)

I like that the remote is a little thicker and peanut shaped. No more losing the remote in the cushions! I also like the change to AAA batteries.

This is a very thoughtful enhancement to a terrific DVR.

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