Review: Stellar Labs 30-2476

This is more of a ‘look what I found’ than a review.  I don’t have sophisticated measuring equipment — just an HDHomerun, the meters in my DVRs, and my eyes.


Background: I love Heroes and Icons.  The closest station carrying HI is WMTW in Portland Maine.  WMTW is REAL channel 8 — a VHF station 68 miles and a single obstruction away.  I have been pulling it in using an Antennacraft Y10-7-13 in my attic, but only during the late fall, winter, and early spring and with frequent dropouts — especially during the day.


Project: I decided to use information in this article and this Yagi designer tool to build a better VHF antenna.  Rather than buy raw materials, I bought four Stellar Labs 30-2476 antennas.   The plan was to extend the antenna’s directors by attaching additional front sections.  If that was unsuccessful, I would start cutting directors and drilling holes.

On April 18 I was having trouble tuning WMTW.  I hooked up my HDHR3 and headed up to the attic.  This was the first time I saw the Y10-7-13 and the 30-2476 side by side.  The Y10-7-13 is built on a sturdier beam and has two antenna elements but the 30-2476 has a more substantial vertical reflector.  Another important distinction is that you can still purchase the 30-2476.


Replacing the Y10-7-13 with the 30-2476 changed nothing.  WMTW was in and out just as it was with the Y10-7-13.  I removed the front-most director from the 30-2476 and attached a second front section.  Reception improved dramatically.  Dropouts persisted, but were less frequent.  I added a third section and the dropouts were gone.  The HDHomeRun indicated 85-100% signal strength, 55-70% signal quality, and, most importantly, 100% symbol quality.


Epilog: It’s been nearly three weeks since I installed Frankentenna and I have been watching WMTW on my television every day and monitoring signal quality using the HDHomeRun Config Utility 24/7.  Reception has been excellent — even during a very heavy rain.

Conclusion: The 30-2476 is an inexpensive Yagi antenna which performs as well as a Y10-7-13.  If you want to target a deep fringe station and have room in your attic, the 30-2476 can easily be extended to improve gain.  I highly recommend this antenna.


9 thoughts on “Review: Stellar Labs 30-2476

  1. Cool posting Len … Checked we have that channel here in central FL on 65.3

    Thanks for the post, very informative


    • Thank you. If you are interested in hacking or designing an antenna, check out the new links at the right under ‘2.0 Broadcast TV’. I’m going to be looking at adding a reflector plane to my DB8e next.

      Have you had a chance to check out MCM Electronics? Cheaper than Amazon, amazing selection, plus lots of coupons online and in your email if sign up for their mailings. My first order from MCM was for the four antennas, a four way splitter/combiner, a couple guy wire clamps (future outdoor antenna project), and a uhf/vhf combiner. All this shipped for $140.67.

      I hope you enjoy Heroes and Icons. Black Sheep Squadron, Hill Street Blues, Hunter, Mannix, NYPD Blue, The Commish, The Pretender, and Wild Wild West are must see tv for me.


    • 82.7 inches per the specs on MCM Electronics’ web site…

      Overall length: 82.7”
      Frequency range: 174 ~ 230MHz
      Maximum gain: 14dB
      Maximum front/back ratio: 17dB
      Impedance: 75ohm, female F connector output
      Horizontal beam width: 48°
      Vertical beam height: 30°

      That 48° beam width is impressive. Even after extending with the two other front halves, I get WENH and WMTW which are 26° apart.


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  3. We’ve been looking for a VHF antenna to pick up a PBS station that’s 54 miles away. Our FM station is required to monitor it for the Emergency Alert System. The antenna we initially installed was advertised for a 60 mile range, but it didn’t cut it. This looks like the best option. It will be installed on a tower atop the city’s water tank–about 80 ft. up. Thanks for sharing this information about it. The listing says it only weights about 4.5 lbs. Is that correct? Seems like it would weigh more than that.


    • It’s a really light antenna. Probably about five pounds. Note that I had ganged three together to pull in that Portland station — through trees from inside my attic. If you have to gang a couple together on top of a water tower, you are going to need to put some kind of structure under the beam. Maybe a 2×4 on a couple saw horses. You are also going to want to install an amp next to the antenna to support the >100 foot run of cable.

      Also, this is a VHF-HIGH antenna. It’s not the right antenna if your broadcast is on real channel 2-6. Can you post a link to a report for your address?


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