Giving Rovi the Boot!

In 2012, Rovi asked broadcasters to return their guide hardware.  Within a few months, people who purchased OTA devices with ‘lifetime television guides’ figured out just how short a lifetime can be.  All of a sudden, I was very glad my EchoStar DVRs has a PSIP guide backup.  Four years later, my DTVPals still work.

One of the reasons I prefer the Channel Master DVR+ to the TiVo OTA DVRs is that Channel Master saw fit to include a PSIP guide.  If you run your DVR+ with no internet connection, it generates an Electronic Program Guide from PSIP data included in the video stream.

Given the problems with the Rovi guide, some people have chosen to rely on a PSIP sourced EPG.  I’m not aware of any way to choose the PSIP guide over the Rovi guide in the DVR+ configuration and I’m not willing to forego the DVR+’s internet based services, so I have been suffering Rovi’s guide…until now.

TIP: If you would like to use a PSIP EPG without losing internet services, simply enter 00000 as your zip code.  (Thanks to Russell_)

Note that the time zone gets set to Eastern Standard Time when you change your zip code to 00000.  If that is not your time zone, be sure to correct the time zone after changing the zip code.  (Thanks to pachinko)

Some people have better luck with PSIP than others.  If you find your PSIP data is not updating as frequently as you’d like here is another tip for you…

TIP: Create manual “dummy” recordings for each channel. Set each to record the minimum length of five minutes.  Schedule them to run at times you do not normally record programs to minimize impact on real recordings.  Name every dummy program ‘ZZZ’, so they all get dumped into the same folder.  (That makes it easier to delete the dummy recordings.)  (Thanks to Greasemonkey)

Hope Rovi does a better job with the TiVo guide.


4 thoughts on “Giving Rovi the Boot!

  1. Interesting… Having just finally received my DVR+ this weekend and trying it out it seems like Rovi does a good job for me. I notice some ‘new’ episodes not marked as new, so I’m questioning how to set things up (which series/episodes were marked so I could distinguish them). Regardless, it is a great thing that we can fall back on PSIP, though I hope it never comes to that for me.

    Now I’ve just got to try to tackle my reception issues… arg!


  2. I have three TiVos, two Minis, three DVR+s, three DTVPals, seven Simple TV DVRs, and a partridge in a pear tree. My wife prefers the TiVo and I prefer the DVR+. We like them all. I do not like Rovi, though, since they pulled the plug on my DTVPals’ ‘Lifetime’ OTA guide a few years back.

    We can go into a comparison of the two DVRs, if you like. (I have a guide coming before Black Friday and after the Magnavox DVRs hit the shelves.) They are both fine DVRs.


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