GfK Report: OTA Growing, OTT Niche


“The fact that a statistically significant increase in broadcast-only reception occurred over just one year may be further proof that the cord-cutting/cord-never phenomenon is accelerating,” says David Tice, SVP in GfK’s Media & Entertainment practice.

GfK’s 2016 Ownership and Trend Report1 says that 17% of US TV households now rely on broadcast-only (up from 15% in 2015) and that another 6% of US TV households only use Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or YouTube (up from 4% in 2015).

Among those 18-34, 22% rely on broadcast-only reception and 13% get their programming over the internet.

Per GfK’s accompanying infographic, 4k televisions sales grew an anemic 5% in 2016 and only half of those who own 4k sets are actually watching UHD content.

1 The study was conducted among 3,009 US households, including representative levels of non-TV, non-internet, cell-phone-only, and Spanish dominant homes.

2 thoughts on “GfK Report: OTA Growing, OTT Niche

  1. Intersting stats… We still havent cut the cord completely, the Mrs wont let go of certain things. Been considering the Sony Playstatiin Vue app, that looks very intriguing.

    Since we have Brighthouse and no other providers are in our area, were locked in to use them for internet. We will see what eventual merger will bear.


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