Patriot Games


Let’s say you are committed to spending Columbus Day weekend in a place called Ebeemee Township.  Ebeemee Township is far enough north that DirecTV does not offer local channels (or HDTV).  Imagine that Tom Brady makes his 2016 debut on that VERY weekend.  What is a Patriot to do?

  1. Visit to see what channel carries CBS programming in Ebeemee Township
  2. Pick up an appropriate antenna
  3. Grab a fence rail, a bunch of conduit straps, some screws, and 50′ of coax
  4. Point the antenna in the right direction
  5. Watch the New England Patriots crush the Cleveland Browns

Cord cutting is patriotic!

4 thoughts on “Patriot Games

  1. Cut the cord in January 2016 with DirecTV – bought a Mohu Sky antenna – get 57 channels here in Mead CO – can’t ask for anything better – saved $860 so far this year!


  2. In my dreams. This is confusing to me (an ex-software type). The antenna pictured is listed as a Hi-VHF (to 230Mhz), below all my local UHF channels. Do you (I noticed you had the same antenna in your attic) receive VHF-Hi channels? Or does that antenna also receive UHF channels?


    • In this case, we are only pulling in vhf hi channels (though we may run a dipole for vhf lo 2). In my home, I couple ‘frankentenna’ to a DB8e via an RCA TVPRAMP1Z. The RCA TVPRAMP1Z has separate uhf and vhf inputs, so I would not get uhf channels even if the antenna did. I do this because my UHF channels are, for the most part, south of my home while the vhf stations are north — joining two antennas lets me point them in different directions. I would not use this antenna as a UHF antenna.


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