Boston Broadcast TV Outage

The most important antenna in Boston

The most important antenna in Boston


This morning, I woke up, powered on my television and DVR+, and tuned in to 38.1 to catch Patriots All Access.  The screen was black.  Same for 38.2, 44.1, 4.1, and 4.2.  Apparently, there had been a problem at one of the broadcast towers which impacted some very important television stations — including the one the New England Patriots would be playing on later in the day.  Checking in with WBZ,, and the Boston forum on AVS, I decided that service would not be restored in time for the game and set about finding an alternative.  To my surprise, a number of premium providers rely on broadcast television for their feeds.  All of these providers were affected…

  • PS Vue
  • Dish
  • DirecTV
  • Charter Cable
  • RCN Cable
  • Metrocast Cable

In the end, I watched the game using a Simple TV DVR at a friend’s home in New Jersey.  I’m afraid I may be imposing on him again next week.  Best of luck to the engineers tasked with restoring service.



8 thoughts on “Boston Broadcast TV Outage

  1. Those broadcast dependencies are surprising. BTW: Thanks for all the info. I’ve learned a lot from this site. I’m close to having a working antenna (I hope). Only a single channel on one of our three TV’s is weak (Public TV) and my final cable run may shorten enough to help out. We’ll see.


    • Shocker for me too. I signed up for a trial of Vue to get the game only to discover this. (I also discovered Vue is not very good — more on that later this week.) If you have not already purchased the antenna, post a link to your report — maybe I can suggest something. Good luck.


    • Some of my channels have been a little flaky lately. I can get by for the ten days it will take to finish the repairs. I assume the temporary antennas will remain as a back up. That’s a good thing. Also good to see so many people losing their minds over this. It lets the broadcasters know we are out here.


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