TiVo White Sale: OTA w/Lifetime $199.99



There are discounts on other models, but this is the show stopper.  For $200 you get the standard warranty and Lifetime with a refurbished 500g Roamio/OTA.  Best deal ever.  Jump on it!


5 thoughts on “TiVo White Sale: OTA w/Lifetime $199.99

  1. That is a great deal… I just got Nvidia Shield to run Plex Server so I can turn off my htpc so the budget for that great TiVo deal is shot. I already have a TiVo HD and TiVo Roamio so another one would just get me in trouble.

    I also have WD My cloud NAS running the HDHomerun DVR and their interface has become better in usage and streams nicely to fire TV sticks located around the house at all the TVs but you have to side load KODI to the fire sticks (easier now with EsExplorer)

    I am thinking about putting the Roamio as close to antenna and Ethernet as possible and just put TiVo minis elsewhere and make the Roamio a kind of server, although in your situation with 8 TVs I don’t think Roamio can handle that many Mini’s (I think it’s 5?)

    Great work on your blog! Always enjoy your updated!


  2. Certainly interested in the performance of the Shield as a Plex Server. I have a pair of Minis. I think four tuners would normally be plenty for us. It’s rare we have three televisions on at the same time.

    There are two areas where the Mini is kind of disappointing. Sometime we get lip sync problems with the Mini playing videos off the Plex Server. The Mini has no sleep/inactivity timer, so it never shuts down its HDMI port so my television is on all night. The DVR+ and Roamio/OTA both have inactivity timers.


  3. After seeing your TiVo white sale alert, I bought a refurb’d Roamio OTA (it also has cable card slot, which surprised me) and a TiVo Mini. Finally got the antenna pointed where PBS signal stops dropping off. Unfortunately, the Mini was DOA and another is on its way.

    I’m hoping to convince the wife and mom-in-law we can drop cable TV for OTA local channels and PlayStation Vue on our existing Roku’s. I bought an Amazon Fire TV and judge it too complex a GUI for 92 yr old gramma (maybe the wife, too). I’ll use it as it’s more informative (as you wrote), but the simpler Roku interface will hopefully meet their needs/abilities. They have tentatively agreed to a trial, so fingers are crossed.

    Your blog is/was a source of encouragement to keep plodding in this brave, new direction. So thanks. I hope you keep posting. You’re a great source of info and inspiration.


    • Hi Bruce
      That’s what I am aiming for too… Use my two TiVos OTA and Sony PlayStation vue with fire sticks around the house

      I am enjoying my hdhomerun tuners and installed google live channels on nvidia shield and that is pretty sweet interface.. But only runs on android TV boxes not tablets or phones… May be able to sideload it to firetv…. But google channels is nice gui

      And this may come about in the next year as we have Brighthouse which got bought out by charter and the new company called Spectrum may screw existing customers over.. They put back the DRM bit on the channels and we may bail sooner than later

      Only thing preventing me now from going to Sony Vue is my wife and I really like the Christmas movies on Hallmark channel LOL. I can get it via Sling TV with $5 add-on, but just one stream with that

      Good luck with that and keep us posted.. And yes Len’s blog is exceent resource



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