PlayOn Makes Roku Great Again!

MediaMall has quietly added a DirecTV Now channel to its PlayOn application.  This channel works well.  DirecTV Now subscribers now have an OTT DVR.  Yea!

Roku users are still waiting for a DirecTV Now app, but have always had the PlayOn ‘private channel’.  This morning I plugged in a Roku 2 XS and am happy to announce that Roku now has a DirecTV Now app.  It works great.  PlayOn also has apps for Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s WII so anyone should be able to watch DirecTV Now.

Happy streaming!


13 thoughts on “PlayOn Makes Roku Great Again!

  1. Is there a way to test drive PlayOn without subscribing and paying? I added the PlayOn app/channel to a Roku stick and perused the interface (which didn’t include my Playstation Vue as a streaming service, but Vue already has 4 week DVR functionality), but wasn’t able to stream/replay anything. Looks like subs are sometimes discounted, but I’d like to try before I buy.


    • Bruce, there is no free trial, but you can cancel for a refund if things do not work out. No Vue channel so far, but the DirecTV Now channel just popped up last month, so they are always working for their subscribers. You are correct that there are a lot of discounts and I recommend you keep an eye on their page for various holiday promos. PlayLater is an awesome product and I highly recommend it.


  2. Bruce, you’re in luck. PlayOn recently became available for a 7-day free trial:

    They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

    Yes, they offer discounts on the annual and lifetime subscriptions several times a year, but it might be months before the next promotion period. You can sign up to their mailing list, if you choose to wait.

    A PS Vue channel has been requested for PlayOn, but they haven’t said if they plan to make it yet. However, you can use channels for the individual networks that PS Vue provides TV Everywhere access to.

    Len, Roku finally let PlayOn into their channel store. So the latest version of the channel (4.2) is available in the store. (The private channel is version 4.0 currently.)


    • Lots of good news in this comment. Guess I need to visit their blog more frequently. Even a seven day trial will win over reluctant potential customers. Is the PlayOn app in their store the ‘media player’ version? Last time I checked, this was all that was available and mods/VCMs were still discouraging discussion of PlayOn on the forums. Do you know of a forum where people discuss PlayOn these days? I miss the old user forum.


      • It sure seems to be the full PlayOn channel. It’s definitely not the cut-down MyMedia channel.

        Some people discuss it on the forums sometimes, but there have been a number of people who’ve posted complaints in such threads about an issue that allegedly happened years ago, so trying to discuss PlayOn as it exists these days can be a bit frustrating. If you’d like to talk to me (about this or other things), feel free to email me (for those who can’t see my email address, you can send me a PM on the forums).


    • I bought lifetime PlayOn Desktop for $29 (regularly $69) during a super Memorial Day sale! PlayOn is an impressive technical achievement, for sure, and I doubt I’ll ever regret spending $29 for such an incredible piece of software, but there are some wrinkles.

      I’m hoping support for my Playstation Vue subscription is on the horizon, but as quickly as things are changing these days, I may be using another streaming service that is supported, so that may not be an issue in the long run.

      All in all, I like PlayOn, but going deep into hierarchical file structures is a bit cumbersome. I can’t seem to cast my media music library from a mobile device to anything around here with decent speakers, but I haven’t asked support for help. Downloads a slower than I expected, and aren’t always reliable, but are visible in a queue, and error reporting is good. I’ve had one program fail to play to completion without explanation.

      For the price, this was a great purchase, but I can’t see my wife or m-n-law using it due to the complexity of the interface. I love it, though. Thanks to everyone for all the info.

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