Farewell Real Simple Software

In May of 2012, flush with the success of their reception at the 2012 CES, Real Simple Software launched a Kickstarter project for the Simple TV DVR.  For $200, early adopters got a Simple.TV box, a year of service, a Mohu antenna, and a Simple.TV T-shirt.  For $300, Simple.TV supporters also got a Roku XD streamer and a lifetime premium subscription.

CNET crowned RSS with their ‘Best of CES’ award in January proclaiming, “Simple.TV might be the next big cord-cutting device.”  It wasn’t — at least not for me.  I was intrigued, but $150 per tuner plus $300 per tuner for lifetime guide service seemed expensive to me.

Flash forward to October of 2013 and Woot is offering the Simple.TV STV-1000 DVR with Lifetime Premier Subscription Included for $99.99.  I got one.  It was awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I eventually bought four more.

At this time, there was much excitement and anticipation for a dual tuner DVR.  That dual tuner DVR ended up being the undoing of Real Simple Software.  High temperatures, a small fan, and no vents spelled disaster for consumers and the company.

By the middle of 2014, the handwriting was on the wall.  Many feared that the STVs would be orphaned as the company abandoned their user community forums.  Early in 2015 RSS’s database crashed rendering the devices useless.  Eventually, the database was recovered, but RSS announced that they were moving on from the Simple TV DVR.

Last night an email announced that the Simple TV service is shutting down August 5th.  While the remnants of the user community were gathering at the forums for a final farewell, someone pulled the plug.

Real Simple Software 2011-2017 RIP


8 thoughts on “Farewell Real Simple Software

  1. Well I was wondering when they would pull the plug. I didn’t get an an email although I had 3 simpletv tuners (none hooked up for a year now)

    Lifetime subscription is not worth the virtual paper it’s printed on!

    Tivo and Hdhomerun is where I went to, I am able to stream outside my network via hdhomerun software and plex

    One good thing came about from simple.tv is finding your website and blog. Very informative!


    • I am a set top box fan. TiVo/DVR+/DTVPal. I did have an application for streamed live programming and am [now] considering Plex. (Though I am reluctant to shell out for a PlexPass without some assurance it would work out.) Feel free to gush about your setup!


  2. I have a plexpass and a HDHomeRun (I think — i haven’t used it since the SimpleTV have been working til soon). If interested, telnet into your device, username: ftpuser password: ftp. You can play around with it from there. Unfortunately not too terribly much to do.


  3. Had 4 active and one backup…bummer. Luckily I moved my primary to Tablo TV 4 tuner a year ago and it has been a fantastic experience…especially compared to the issues we had with Simple TV.


    • Patrick Nugent once told me I had more Simple TV DVRs than anyone who did not work for the company. At the time, I had five. Now I have seven. I am guessing you have the second most Simple TV DVRs of anyone who has never worked for the company. Congratulations, I guess 😉

      Tablo TV is also a candidate to solve my wireless need. I have an Apple TV, a couple Rokus (R2XS), and a bunch of Fire TVs.

      Hope someone hacks those STV1000s.


  4. Good to see you still commenting on the blogosphere wizwor!
    I was alarmed, but not unexpected about the sudden shutting of the doors. And to top it off, they shut down the forum boards so they wouldn’t hear the complaints.
    I’m now trying to figure out my next move.
    I already have PlexPass and was looking at the HDHomerun offer, which seems very nice. But Plex has always been much more complex to work with, even for someone like me that likes to tinker. In reading the tablo forums for others that went that route, it seems that the Plex/HDHR is still very problematic. Looking at the Plex boards confirms that. But it’s hard to beat the $30 trade in offer.
    I purchased a Tablo DUAL, and while it works well, it is not much different than my STVs were. I was looking for groundbreaking improvement, and it is more gradual improvement.



    • Thanks. Not much to comment on these days. Despite the fall of RSS and the Reverse Auction, things have been pretty great for cord cutters.

      I was posting over on the forums when they pulled the plug. Had to laugh — didn’t even wait for the 5th. I asked MarK Ely if they were going to release the software to the opensource community. He said they would have to wait to see what happens to the company and assets first, so it sounds like they may be in bankruptcy. Seems like someone could do something like this with the STVs…


      but nobody seems to be able to make a business of this besides Nuvvyo.

      There are lots of alternatives. I prefer a set top box and the $300 1t Roamio offer is a great deal. With Prime and Netflix apps, it’s pretty close to perfect and the price is right. I share your opinion of Plex — for me, it has always been a little bit broken…too much work. Tablo TV is too expensive. I might give it a go at $105 with Lifetime, but $200 + $150 for Lifetime, is kind of rich.

      Good luck. Come back and let us know how things work out for you.


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