LOCAST: Stream Local TV

for free!  sort of…

tldr; https://www.locast.org/

Locast is a not-for-profit service offering users access to broadcast television stations over the internet.

We stream the signal over the Internet to select US cities. We are trying to help broadcasters reach people just like you over the internet.

Just a heads up that there is a new Aereo in town!  This one is free and it’s very cool.  Add the app to your Roku and get local channels and a grid guide for free without an antenna.

So far, quality seems to be very good.  If there is a downside to this app, it’s that they relentlessly solicit a $5/month donation.  If someone decides to pony up, please let me know if the ads go away.  Just the same, if your OTT service does not include local channels, give Locast a try.

Happy Streaming!



6 thoughts on “LOCAST: Stream Local TV

  1. Oohh ok, not in my city… too bad not in my mom’s city either (Atlanta) .

    But she uses Emby to watch TV on her Roku from down here in FL as she can’t get anything but satellite or streaming.


  2. I went ahead and signed up for the Fitzy TV app for their 25 show $5 cloud DVR.

    I did that because Fitzy TV and Playon both can record off the Spectrum TV app, which has channels that are not in my 10 channel Spectrum Choice package. I can’t record off the Spectrum App.

    Because of Fitzy we also canceled our Philo subscription because the Spectrum App gets the channels we were watching with Philo. Did like Philo though! That saved us about $12 a month.

    With Fitzy the channels you can watch are the ones you can get when outside the home off Spectrum internet. Still a good percentage of the channels we watch.

    The Fitzy app works great in recording and the interface easy to use. I don’t recall seeing additional ads so can’t comment.


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