Something Wicked This Way Comes

I just ordered a four tuner Recast and a pair of 4k Fire TV Sticks.  I hate myself for this, but I did it.  Review in about two weeks.

6 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. Congratulations! I think you will like it… especially since Pluto is integrated with the guide (so is PhiloTv and Playstation Vue if you subscribe)

    I got the 2 tuner model, I also have Silicondust tuner so didnt need to go big.

    One thing I think you will notice is that the channels in the guide dont display channel numbers unless you select a channel and then it displays in the header as the channel is tuned to.

    Amazon now though lists the channels in numeric order. I submitted an improvement to have them display channel number in the guide itself.

    If you ever get a chance, check out the Firetv cube, the ir blaster they provide is pretty cool in the control they have… integration is pretty spiffy!


    • Oh Len,
      I forgot to add…Emby now has a server executable that can run on Nvidia Shield. Emby runs pretty slick on FireTv client devices, I have tested at least 2 streams with transcoding via Emby. I got rid of my Plex installation and went strictly Emby server. I can even stream remotely.



      • I spend more time working on my Plex server than actually watching it. I think I have Emby installed as well. Laziest TV watcher in the world.


    • Not sure why I bought the Recast. It’s not like I use my Extends. Or Plex. A friend at work has been encouraging me to take the Cube for a ride. Now you. The peer pressure is overwhelming. Probably have to get one 😉 For all the gadgets I have, I mostly just turn on the television and watch what’s on.


  2. Emby is a lot easier to setup and run. You do have to determine what platform to run the server on. As I had the Nvidia Shield I installed that and am running off that. For live TV and streaming out of house you will need to get the Emby Premiere. Also for live TV you will need to pay annual fee to schedules direct unless you wish to use XML schedule.

    With the Cube I like walking into living room and saying “Alexa turn on tv” and then say “Alexa switch to DVR” or “Alexa switch to BluRay” and the input is switched to. Makes things much easier for my technically challenged wife.

    The Recast is just a tuning engine, storage and transcoder device… the user interface is all in the FireTv client. One thing you wont be impressed with is the android or iOS client apps for your phones. They have a long way to go there.


  3. More than a month, and I still do not know what to make of this thing. When I compare it to other devices in my home, the recast comes up short, but I suspect most people would be very happy to own a recast and a bunch of fire tv sticks.


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