Prime Day: Free TV on Parade!

Amazon has discounted their Recast DVRs $100 for Prime Day.  If you are a Prime member, you can get the four tuner model for $179.99 or the two tuner model for $129.99.  I recommend the four tuner model for the tuners and additional storage — 150 hours vs 75.  As of this morning, you can get one 4K Fire TV Stick for $24.99 if you ask Alexa to show Prime Day deals.  Add an antenna and you have subscription free television for $200.

In Amazon Prime: Something for Everyone, I noted that Philo and Vue integrated into the Recast program guide.  Since, I have learned that Pluto integrates as well.  Pluto is FREE.  Install the Pluto app on your Fire TV device and the following channels will be added to your program guide (courtesy of The Daily Dot)…

New channels on Pluto TV
Paramount Movie Channel (75)
MTV Pluto TV (80)
MTV Guy Code (81)
MTV Teen (82)
MTV Dating (83)
The Hills MTV (84)
Comedy Central Pluto TV (86)
Comedy Central Stand-Up (87)
Spike Pluto TV (90)
Spike Outdoors (91)
BET on Pluto TV (93)
CMT Westerns (95)
Nick Pluto TV (97)
Nick Jr Pluto TV (98)

Pluto TV channels list: News
Today’s Top Story (105)
News 24/7 (108)
CBSN (109)
NBC News (110)
CNN (111)
Cheddar News (112)
The Young Turks (TYT) Network (116)
NewsmaxTV (121)
Top Stories by Newsy (127)
RT America (132)
Sky News (135)
Bloomberg TV (143)
Weather Nation (150)

Pluto TV channels list: Sports
Pluto TV Sports (201)
Fox Sports (202)
Major League Soccer (203)
Impact Wrestling (204)
Fight (205)
Combat World (206)
Stadium (207)
Surf Channel (209)
Sports News (213)
World Poker Tour (214)
Glory Kickboxing (215)
Lucha Libra Worldwide (217)
Big Sky Conference (230)

Pluto TV channels list: Movies
TV Spotlight
Pluto TV Movies (51)
Pluto TV Movies 2 (52)
TV Family (53)
Action Movies (54)
TV Comedy (55)
TV Drama (56)
Flicks of Fury (57)
TV Thrillers (58)
Horror 24/7 (59)
TV Documentaries (60)
TV Indies (61)
Classic Movies Channel (62)
TV Romance (63)
80s Rewind (65)
TV Cult Films (66)
Black Cinema (67)
TV Cine (69)
Pluto TV Cine Dos (70)
Gravitas Movies (71)
Paramount Movie Channel (75)

Pluto TV channels list: Comedy
Funny AF (250)
TV Sitcoms (255)
Stand-up TV (261)
MST3K (264)
RiffTrax (265)
FailArmy (267)
Cats 24/7 (268)
The Onion (269)
Cracked (272)
Pet Collective (273)

Pluto TV channels list: Geek + Gaming
The Feed (301)
Hive (304)
Anime All Day (322)
Anime All Ages (323)
MinecrafTV (325)
IGN (330)
CNET (333)
Geek & Sundry (336)
Nerdist (341)

Pluto TV channels list: Entertainment
Chassy (501)
Man Up (502)
Man Up Outdoors (503)
Crime Network (504)
The New Detectives (505)
Unsolved Mysteries (506)
Forensic Files (507)
Dog The Bounty Hunter (508)
TV Conspiracy (509)
TV Animals (510)
Cold Case Files (511)
Shout! Factory TV (512)
Buzzr (514)
Classic TV (515)
ConTV (516)
Live Music Replay (517)
Wipeout (518)
Kids TV (520)
After School Cartoons (526)
Classic Toons TV (531)
Awesomeness TV (534)
Nosey (536)
WHAT?! (542)
Revry (543)

Pluto TV channels list: Life + Style
TV Cars (600)
PeopleTV (602)
Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Uncensored (603)
Complex (604)
Wahlburgers (605)
TV Her (606)
TV Her Dramas (607)
Logo Puto TV (608)
TV Travel (610)
FrontDoor (615)
Adventure TV (619)
Food TV (621)
Faith TV (625)

Pluto TV channels list: Curiosity
Voyager Documentaries (635)
ScienceTV (636)
TV History (637)
DocuTV (638)
TV Biography (639)
Law and Crime (640)
NASA TV (643)

Pluto TV channels list: Miscellaneous (“Chill Out”)
Internet Gold (401)
Vibes (411)
Monstercat TV (418)
THC (420)
Eye Candy (426)
NatureVision (TV)
Slow TV (437)
4K TV (439)

2 thoughts on “Prime Day: Free TV on Parade!

  1. How are you liking the Recast so far? It’s a lot better when compared to what they released originally, a lot of improvement to the interface.

    I still have to use Emby server, it’s what my 84 year old mom is used to and there is no remote capability outside of smart phone for Recast and she only has flip phone. She does ok with Emby!


    • I love it! My kids love it! I just added Pluto which includes Newsmax and other second tier cable news outlets as well as a lot of movies (if you are OK with ads) plus all the mindless stuff that fills the cable guide.

      I really like having OTA on my Echo Shows, using a single remote, and having a whole house DVR. I use the included HDMI extender to hang the Sticks behind each television and get power right off a USB port on the television. The Echo complains about that the first time, but works fine.

      Of course, the price is right. If you get a two tuner Recast and a pair of 4K sticks on Prime Day, the total cost is less than $200 — much less than a TiVo and two Minis or a Tablo with Lifetime and two streamers.

      Amazon gets two thumbs up from me on this one!


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