Roku Secrets

I own six Rokus. Along the way, I have learned some things worth sharing. Enjoy!

Create a Roku Account Without Providing a Credit Card

Call Rpku Customer Support: 888-600-7658.  They will direct you to creating your account using this url…

Access to Undocumented Features

To access undocumented features of your Roku, enter the following key sequences on the remote.  You should be at the home position before beginning with no errors on the screen.  Both worked with my Roku 2 XS and Roku LT boxes.

Secret Screen (System Info, Resets, USB Test, Logging)

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

Platform Secret Screen (Temp, IP, SSID, WIFI Details)

(Per Roku Chat Support, Roku LT, Roku 2 XS, and Roku 3 all operate at 40-45 degree celsius)

Home Button x 5
FF x 1
Play x 1
RW x 1
Play x 1
FF x 1

Channel Version Screen

Home Button x 3
Up x 2
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1

Access Roku Debug/Bandwith Cap Screen

Home Button x 5
RW x 3
FF x 2

Access Roku Developer Mode (“Side-Load” a Roku Channel)

Home Button x 3
Up x 2
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Note URL of Roku
Select Enable Installer
Accept Developer Agreement
Open URL of Roku in Browser

Roku 3 Enable Speakers Plus Headphone Jack Toggle (no R3 to test this on)

To toggle it on and off, press these buttons on the remote volume control while the headphone is inserted…

Up x 2
Down x 2
Up x 3
Down x 3

Roku 2 ‘Downgrade’ from firmware 5.x to 4.9  (start at Home screen)

Home x 5
FF x 3
RW x 2
click on “Update software”

YouTube on Roku

  1. What’s On (enter asecret as your zip code and restart to reveal YT content)
  2. VideoBuzz (must be side-loaded)
  3. Plex and PlayOn both have Roku channels that include YouTube scripts

9 thoughts on “Roku Secrets

    • Call them or use their support chat. They will give you the current link. Send it to me so I can update. They change it all the time because the WANT your credit card on file.


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